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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Red Eye

We are caged animals in a gym with no windows.  The holes in the walls are from us trying to dig our way out back to reality.  The year could easily be 1920, and we would have no idea. Well maybe the techno music might be a give away, but I don't know...... I am pretty sure techno was just starting to get popular at that time.  I have completely lost track of the year, date, and time.  A zoo animal is what I am.  I am hamster turning in a never ending wheel.  It's hard not to lose my mind in a sport that keeps me standing in the same place 99 percent of the day.  This is why I can't help but to dance, jump around, run in circles around coach, or scream and yell after making a lift.  I do feel that at times I am really losing my mind, and it worries me.  I will create different characters in training and act them out as if I was in a movie. Why do I do this?  A smile will cross my face with no warning or apparent reason at all.  I will occasionally sit outside staring off into the blue sky with my mouth open wide and my head resting on my hand until coach comes to get me, and then walks me inside leading me to my bar like a horse to water.  "There you go Jon, there is your bar, grab it, good boy, now lift it above your head." All eyes on me, and at times I feel I have no privacy.  The little red light from the live feed camera is always judging me, staring at me, clapping for me, and at times rolling its red eye at me.  Everywhere I look there is now a camera in my face.  I have no idea where Cal Strength gets all that footage from on the YouTube videos.  I don't remember doing half of what's recorded, and if I do I didn't realize someone was filming me. Good Lord, let me dance in peace please.

A long car ride has my head out the window.  A car ride is fun because it means I am not training. A car ride is pure heaven.  In this world the sky is purple, and the grass is pink. My world is black, well besides the red light.  My world looks so fun from the outside looking in.  I watch the videos and they make me want to join the Cal Strength team, and I actually get excited.  "Hey babe, tomorrow I am going to get into weightlifting and train at Cal Strength with this crazy guy named Jon!"  I feel bad for the surprise that kid will endure.

Coffee is my love because it cures the pain momentarily.  I drink so much of it; I cant get enough of it.  I am drinking some right now and it always tastes extra good when writing to you.   I try to escape through the hole in the wall, but coach grabs me by my legs and drags me back in.  He holds me down with force as I put up a fight kicking and screaming.  He jams the coffee straw down my throat and tilts miss brown eyes' beautiful butt in the air, draining the coffee into my stomach.  I soon stop fighting, and become completely at peace.  Damn....They have drugged me again.

Here is the brand new Cal Strength video below.  Prepare to enter the wild zoo of my life.  This is the footage that is not suppose to be shown, the footage of a weightlifter slowly losing his mind in a windowless, four walled prison called weightlifting.  Salute my friends.

Car Rides 2016   


  1. I sit in a cubicle all day. It'very rare that something happens that makes me want to dance. Yes, your world looks awesome from my cube window. Keep up the madness and keep spreading the smiles across cubicle land.

  2. Hey Tim thanks for the comment and motivation! Thank you for letting me know who is out there listening to my ideas, you just gave me a good blog topic. salute Tim G. - Jon