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Sunday, May 6, 2012


Once an idea has drilled its way into your a head, that idea is very hard to remove.  Once an image flashes
in your dreams, that image is very hard to forget.  Thoughts are nothing but air, you can't touch them or show others.  Ideas are nothing but dirt.  You are held captive by your own images.  There is no unseeing what you have seen.  There is no turning back from the path you have stumbled upon.  You must walk, you must take one step at a time.  You must sacrifice to reach your dirt, because dirt is all your dreams are to others.  This is why you must be selfish.  You must carry on no matter how painful the journey may be, or how dark the path may become.  Will you take your handful of dirt and run with it?  Will you chase what others say is impossible?  Will you put in the work to get what you want?  Will you go through hell to achieve heaven?  Or, will you throw your dirt on the ground and walk away.  Will you surrender to society and what others say?  Will you call your dirt...  just dirt?  Will you quit?

Long nights in a small garage labeling and pumping product.  We were a long row of family side by side working for the same dream.  With every bottle we pumped product into a smile came over our faces.  With every label we slapped across the bottle our dirt pile became bigger.  My step dad quit his job, and my mother sold her salon.  We were then broke, living in a small house hardly getting by.  We went through hours and hours of work, and hours of constant excitement followed by constant worries and doubts.  The black crow was always there, circling around us, letting us know that if we didn't make it then he would get something out of it.  He would peck at our eyes, and knock over containers full of product.  He would try his hardest to take our dirt, but our strength as a family was too strong.  He soon flew away once we made our first big deal, and bought a small warehouse moving us out of the stuffy garage.  It was a life changing event.  It was a "we made it" event.  Our dirt pile outgrew our small humble house, our 447 Brookside Drive house that brought me great memories that will follow me for the rest of my life.  After school my sister and I would work long hours in the new warehouse. We wanted more, we wanted more dirt.  My whole family would play on the dirt pile after a hard days work.  We would just sit on top of it with silence and comfort as we bathed in our success, still in shock in what we were creating.  Our dream was finally coming true, as we turned our slow walk on the windy path into a full sprint to the American dream.  

Just an idea, thats all it was.  Three more upgraded warehouses, world wide sales, and a company that is worth a lot of rubber band stacks has turned the dirt into gold, and a small idea into an empire.  They were dream chasers, now they are dream catchers.  They were broke, now they are rich.  They were employed now they employ.  They took a chance on their idea, and won.  They held tight to their hand full of dirt and never let it slip through their fingers.  

Here is a video of my mom describing the family business below.  A dirt to gold video.
A family that raised the Attitude Nation!  

Chase your dreams, and get your dirt!   2016

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