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Thursday, May 3, 2012

"The Artist And The Olympian"

A short film called The Artist And The Olympian is in the process of being written and directed by Adam Scheiner.  Last night Adam sent me two awesome videos that had me jumping on the coach and swinging from ceiling fan to the hanging lights all around my living room like Tarzan throwing back multiple monster energy drinks. The first video is a update film for the fundraiser of "The Artist And The Olympian", featuring the Cal Strength Mafia and the legendary Dimas.  The second video is narrated by the director Adam, and goes into much more depth of what this movie will be about. I love both of these videos, and I am excited for the growth of our sport.  Plus I am very happy for my team mate and good friend Donny Shankle for landing the lead roll in this movie!  The Attitude Nation thanks you Adam Scheiner for the light you have shined on the most bad ass sport in the world!!  Salute!

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  1. Hey Jon, mentioned you in a blog post. Thanks for inspiring!