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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beer Talk

Hey, welcome back to the Dark Orchestra.  Here..... here is some coffee I made for you.  I threw in an extra shot just for you, so pucker up and enjoy the warm but ice cold kisses from Ms Brown Eyes. Welcome back my friend, it's always good to see you.  Cheers.  How has your training been going?  Mine has been hard, as you are probably experiencing as well.  At the end of the day we are both much a like.  We both love weightlifting, and for having weightlifting be such a big part of our lives, that pretty much means we are the same damn person.  I have nothing special or interesting to write about today.  Some would call it writer's block, but I would call it just saying, hi.  No technique talk, no coaching tips, no stories about a devil in the red dress capturing young weightlifters and ruining their career from the rest she casts upon them.  This is just a simple hi how are you doing, and a cheers of the coffee.  It is a simple chat about training and life.  It is like a simple beer conversation with a friend, yes.... this is always the best kind of conversation.  Why is it that a single beer sitting between two people makes each person open up with such ease and relaxation? Why is that?  A single beer doesn't even need to be drank, yet it can make a social situation so comfortable that you can end up talking for hours upon hours.  A conversation has come to life between you and your best mate, and you now feel closer than before.  You have drawn a few tears, laughed hysterically, got mad, and hugged, all in the small window of time you have been sitting at the corner bar with a beer in front of one another.  But have you noticed that you haven't even taken a sip yet?  You haven't.  You are in shock, because for a while you had the back up plan to announce to everyone around you how tipsy or even drunk you were getting.  You thought you had that big glass of beer to fall back on from all the emotions and deadly truth you have been spilling out onto the half wood half brass bar table.  You end up drinking about 7 more and the night gets crazy.  It's almost like you try to hide the fact you opened up that much without being intoxicated.  So the next day you talk and laugh about everything besides that first few hours.  But why?  I guess I find the psychology of beer interesting.  I personally think the same goes for coffee, tea, and whatever else can alter the mind.

I didn't realize the impact coach had on training until he left.  He was gone today, and he will be gone for the next week, and now I feel that I have been dropped off for summer camp and I already want to go home.  I don't know how you garage soldiers do it.  I salute you.  I am having a hard time staying focused and motivated while coach is out of the gym.  It would be so easy to just not train, half ass it, skip squats, or even skip the whole damn week of training all together.  For the first time the front door is wide open. There are no bars caging me inside.  There is no ball and chain around my ankle.  I could make a run for it right now and never come back.  I could go with rest and live with her forever, or at least for a week, but I don't know if she would ever let me train again.  I heard that once you lay with rest, you are doomed forever.  The small vacation time you thought you were on turns into a jail of its own.  But today I stayed and trained hard.  The world team next year is the only thing in life that matters to me.  I am proud of myself for pushing throughout today.  I felt I made a good impact on my teammates.  They saw me training hard, so they trained hard.  I am not saying they do whatever I do, but I feel that I am at times the leader, and today I led, hopefully making them better.  I kept looking over at coach only to find an empty chair.  My head would tilt to the side and I would begin to scratch my head.  This is odd..... what is happening?  It's like the world as I knew it was slowly crumbling down around me starting from the ceiling down.  It's like wishing your parents would leave you a lone as a kid, and the minute they do you get sad.  Shit, I already miss him.  Who is going to yell at me to squat, and tell me my v neck is gay?  Who is going to ramble on in training about food, how he made his food, how his food tasted, and how I missed out eating his home cooked food?  I missed a lift and nothing happened today.  There was no look from coach that easily read "what the fuck was that?".  The miss was followed by quiet....... how odd.  Coach please come back...... I need to be pushed.  Without you I might be "him".

Come Back coach 2016  

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  1. Would it be weird to admit that you and Donny's blogs are quickly climbing up there on my 'most visited sites' page? Its becoming routine for me to check up on them a couple times a day lol. Need my daily dose of profound life insights from California weightlifters haha By the way, when you first began weightlifting, did you work up some base strength before starting oly lifts or did you do them from the beginning?