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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The song I wrote this blog to

Seeking to find answers in this sport will only lead you to a snowy bank that falls hundreds of feet below.  The strong wind behind your back seems to be pushing you further and further toward the edge, no matter how hard you dig your heels into the white ground.  The big bear behind you is a certain indicator that you must just jump, jump or get eaten by the once black now white frosty bear that has pulled up a seat behind you and is starting to write a weightlifting article.  He looks up at you with those low glasses and a know it all sigh.  Now your imiganation is playing tricks on you.  Now you have entered the wonderful white world of lost.  Your ongoing search for answers has led the pitch black horse to nothing but more white sand.  The water seemed to be there, but now your lips will stay dry and chapped as you continue to look for the secret that you think the wishing well has to offer.   Oh wishing well, wish me the correct understanding to reach my goals.  Wish me the wish for all the answers I so desperately feen for.  The long rope that you have been pulling on for some time now has ended with an empty let down.  The well is out of water, and the hollow barrel echoes your cries of a frantic obsession.  

The day you know it all, is the day you know nothing.  The minute you try to figure out this sport, is the same minute you will lose your mind.  An odd idea if you think about it, but so true.  Fish and catch fish.  Love your mom, and well……. you will love your mom.  I didn’t miss the weight, I simply am a weightlifter.  It has taken years and years of learning how to not use my mind. A much harder task than technique.  A task that seems impossible, but if mastered could be fantastic.  The minute I think, is the minute I lose.  I could say the unoriginal line over and over that many use on a daily basis that makes them think they have some sort of clue or grasp on this sport, the line used with so much confidence, "this sport is so mental".  This sport shouldn’t be mental, it should be a fact.  It should be art, that at times is just splattered on the canvas with nothing but pure emotion.  You should make the lift like 1+1=2.  Is it possible to shut your mind off so much that making a lift is nothing more than a reaction?  Coach’s eyes coach me, not his words.  The horse needs to keep running, not trying to find water.  You must jump to not be eaten.  "Training must become a reaction". - Donny Shankle.   You can think all you want while resting between reps, but when it’s time to lift the barbell you must just react.  Just like a lion in the woods that looks as if he is going to attack you, I promise, you will just start running.  Grab and go, jump and run, slam the bar with no thought process at all.  My celebrations are 100 percent true and real, 100 percent me.  You are witnessing true emotion coming from my soul, not my mind.  God rips out of my chest wearing a USA singlet and throws up a "I am number one finger".  Well because shit..... God is always number one.  Get em God.  I love God and what he has given me.  I thank him every day for the emotions that I am allowed to spread all over the world to help motivate not just me, but others all the way from garage lifters, to top lifters.  You must react.  The dog must sit with just one look.  You must stop looking for water because the minute you stop you will find it.  Yes, I know this is a common dating line, but it’s so true in training as well. 

How is your coffee?  Mine is strong and powerful.  The Dark Orchestra is extra dark tonight.  I love it.  I love how we really don’t know where we are, but we feel at home.  This feeling has always interested me.  Why is it that some places make us feel good, and some bad?  It’s like a dog that likes some people, and viciously barks at others.  What is that dog’s reason?  Don’t be afraid to miss.  Nothing upsets me more than a weightlifter that always gets down on their selves when they are faced with the reality of missing.  Even when they make it, if something felt wrong they proceed to hit themselves over the head, followed by a check list of what they did wrong.  No! Stop!  If you made the lift.... then good.  If you missed the lift.... then good, you are a weightlifter.

Goodnight and salute to you all.  I fucken love you.     

God 2016


  1. Thanks for writing, Jon. Your blog is really motivational man :D Also, diggin the Drive soundtrack. It's got a kind of neo-synthpop sound to it that's not exceedingly 80s haha

  2. Great stuff, Jon. I enjoyed this one. Thank you.