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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tyson Hips Ali Feet

I just came out with braclets that say "Tyson Hips Ali Feet" on my website. The shirts are coming very soon as well.  If you are asking yourself what that means, I will tell you. It means that you need explosive hips and fast feet to be a great weightlifter.  Your hips need to explode into the bar like Mike Tyson knocking his opponent out, and you need to move your feet after your hips come through for that max explosion just like Ali floating like a butterfly side to side dodging punches and then striking a viscious blow.   Once you have mastered these two things you will be ready to win some Gold medals.  You are ready to look like Andrea Aramnau.  You are ready to destroy your competition!   Watching the Hip exlosion from the Olympic and world champions is amazing!  They hit the bar so damn hard, their finish is so explosive and fast! I love to turn up the volume as loud as it can go and listen to the bar rattle and the feet slap against the platfrom.......oh, it gives me goose bumps. I now understand why the snatch is the fastest movement in sport.   It has to be in order to get under that bar with some big boy weight on it.  If you don't "finish" like a punch from Mike Tyson, then you will get crushed like a bug.  Then once you finish with all the power and force you have in you, then you have to move those feet fast to put that "finish" in 5th gear!  Then Under to catch!  Your feet should land on the Platfrom at the same time you catch the bar in the hole, it all should happen at the blink of an eye, or as fast as Ali!  To be a great weightlifter you not only have to be the strongest bear in the woods, but you have to be the fastest cat in the jungle as well, strong and fast, that's the recipe for a champion.  North 2012

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