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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Get your shoes on"

"Get your shoes on"!  This is what I hear Every morning from my big coach Pendlay, aka getting athletes stronger, aka don, aka boss man, strong man, putting an army together man.  lol haha when I hear coach say "get your shoes on Jon"  I hear lets win more PWA meets, lets make another Pan Am team, Lets get those American records, Lets stay Number one in the Country, lets make that Olympic team in twenty twelve. ok coach, game time!  When the big man walks into the gym it gives me goose bumps, his presents makes little kids run away, dogs start acting funny, people don't walk as tall.  A born leader, he makes Russel Crow look soft, he knocked chuck Norris out with just a look.  Gather your soldiers up coach, lead them to the Plat form and train train train, and then we train again.   Coach Pendlay doesn't need to coach, he just needs to sit there and watch, that's all the coaching I need, that's all the motivation I need.  You need a leader to be a good wweightlifter, NOT A COACH, coaching comes second.  Bad meets, good meets, it doesn't matter, the California strength team always keeps fighting, always keeps attacking the bar no matter what.  Turn the volume down from all the talkers and haters and train, I don't hear anything but coach, if your not him then goodbye.  You can NEVER stop, fight fight fight mother truckers.  Scrap, slap, hit, blind side, cheap shots its all good to me, I don't care.  I need this sport, its all I have, I have to be good, if not I am working at burger king, coach pendlay is my white light, my hope, my big hairy angel that keeps me going in this thing called life.  California strength is my home, Dave Spitz is king.  Lots of people like to talk, they would love to see California strength fail, fuck you, that will never happen.  I will bomb out in the future, its just how this sport goes, but I will always walk into the gym the very next day and "put my shoes on"  and I know coach will be by my side the whole time, now that's a good coach, better person.  WOW I feel 18 years old, I don't have any pain at all, I refuse to get injured!!  I put this on my mom that I will not stop tell I cant walk anymore.  If you don't like me than I feel very bad for you, get your Advil out because your going to see a lot more of me.  I missed juniors, went right into seniors, I guess that means I will kill the masters division!! lol  Get your shoes on people, lets keep training, fighting, everyday, lets just lift weights.  On my blog you will never hear the words  RECOVERY, FIRST PULL SECOND PULL,  TAPER, go to go heavy if you want that bullshit.  See I could never wright this before my blog came out because I would get in trouble, but now I can say what the hell I want, and if you don't like it leave.  I am so sick and tired of everybody talking about technique, programs, wraps or no wraps?  not hear my friend, "put your shoes on and lift weights".  north 2012