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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cocaine and coffee

Sneaky little bitch, I lay in bed thinking of ways to conquer that two faced devil.  I think I am talking about the weight, the weight that never sleeps, the weight that waits for me all night in that cave, that cave that plays tricks on your mind, that cave that turns you against yourself.  One minute you are friends, then the next thing you know he's sleeping with your girl.  That piece of shit, that piece of shit that builds me up everyday then pushes me down, I hate him.  You're not my friend you're my enemy, you really don't like me, you want to see me fail.  You smile to my face then you show your black teeth and your dark black eyes; you show your horns, you show yourself.  Everywhere I go you are there reminding me who I really am.  The insecure college drop out who only wants people to like him, who only wants to be somebody he is not.  My face is cut from the mirror I smash, thank God I have my coffee in my hand, I love this coffee that builds me up, that gives me confidence.  This dark cave has little smiley faces all around it, little smiley faces that wait around the corner for me.  Are they really smiling?  Some days I feel like I am in the shining, some days I feel like becoming the Phantom.  I should have been a fighter, the weight is not enough, I need to hit and be hit, I need to see that fucker fall.  I drink more and more coffee everyday, its like my cocaine.  Why is it I don't ever get hurt? Why is it I always feel great?  I will dedicate my life to killing you, to cutting you and watching you bleed.  I am fucking crazy, I will never go away, you will hate me more and more everyday, but the more you hate me the more you will two face me, so fuck you.  I have something in me that scares me, I can jump off a building and fly.  I will lift you and slam you, maybe not right now but soon.  You are turning me darker and darker, the more I succeed the more I hate, and I hate you. 

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