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Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Weekend

Brand new episode of "Weightlifting Talk".  We had fun on this one.  Plus, Wednesdays training below of a very tired and beat down team, but still pushing through to grab a few PR's.

This is the first week in a while where the Attitude Nation is not conducting a Cert.  Even though I am sad not being able to slam bars with my fellow Attitude Soldiers, I am excited to take this weekend to do absolutely nothing.......nothing at all.....just typing the word nothing puts a smile on my face.  Salute, and have a great weekend.  

A great picture of my old team mate Caleb Ward, and of course the black beard himself...Coach. 

Last but not least, My beautiful and always strong Wife Jessica gets a 91kg C&J PR!  

Have a good weekend 2016

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