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Thursday, September 20, 2012


Weightlifting Talk was fun today.  First Solo show without the Lion Killer or Mr Black Beard.  The show had a different feel to it, a different flow that I really liked.  I didn't know how I would do, or where the show would go, but I thought the show went very smooth.  TOPICS:  Training without coach and Shankle.  Great call about the bottom position and catching the bar too high.  Self motivation.  The presents of a coach, Punching a kid, American Open, Training alone, Coach, Diet, Freak athletes, Jeff Wittmer,  Why no program? Why the show is called Weightlifting Talk.  (below)

I hope you like it, salute.  

Here is Wednesdays Team MDUSA video below.  154kg snatch, 190kg clean and jerk! I really feel that this wide grip in the jerk can lead me to 200 plus....maybe even sooner than I think.  Who's knows, I guess more coffee, more training, and more Shankle.  LETS GO! 

Plus:  NEW YORK!  Calling New York! September 30th PortCrossfit in Setauket is kicking off the 15th Attitude Nation Certification Seminar!  Get your tickets now at

Caleb Ward 2016  

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  1. That jerk you had at 6:49 was one of the BEST i have seen you do in training... getting better and better!!!! 2013 LOOK OUT CANT WAIT FOR YOU TO CRUSH ALL!!!