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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ninja Turtles

Friday max out day!  The first video with team Commentary! We miss you COACH black beard!


The Blog written below is by Brandon Petersen, the owner of CrossfitFree. Thank you Brandon. I have nothing else to say, I am speechless..........Fucken thank you brother.

A Saturday in North Country…
Let’s start by saying this past Saturday with Jess & Jon North was nothing short of amazing. The Seminar has its reputation for being energetic, knowledgeable and somewhat out of control. It far exceeded its reputation. It calls for PR’s and that’s what is delivered. People learn. They enjoy every minute of this seminar and things hit home. This is what you want for your athletes and what you hope is delivered. We can attest- it is, in surplus.
8am Saturday Morning.
Dylan arrives at my place to join me in picking up Jess and Jon at their hotel. Yes, Dylan is considerably early, but this I figured, being picking up Jess and Jon North prob ranks as the top 5 moments in Dylan’s life (somewhat joking. But whether they know it or not, Dylan is Attitude Nations biggest fan BY FAR). We arrive at their hotel at around 8:15 or so, about half hour early. At this point, we decide to geek out on Attitude Nation YouTube clips in the car, getting completely pumped up for this day and what it was to bring to our community- why message; we are early, no worries. . . I message them we arrived a few early at like 8:35. 8:45 Jon messages down they are running a few late, sorry. Be down in 5-10. “slept in”. Jon, are you serious? First off, sorry? Come on now. Attitude Nation, *uck time. . . it’s your show. In all seriousness . . . there was no apology needed. But yet he did, showing me that his popularity hasn’t gone to his head.
Our first face to face meeting with Jon and Jess, we knew this was going to be a day to remember at CFF. Super energetic, down to earth . . . just great f’n people! We head straight to load up on Miss Brown Eyes before heading to the gym. The questions start… and unlike some people at high levels in certain sports, Jon & Jess are not selling a secret solution with a spin. They believe in what the preach whole heartedly and carry it through. Every question asked, was answered with an honest answer and in some cases, an “I don’t know”.
We arrive at the gym about half hour to 15 minutes early. Naturally people are looking to introduce themselves, shoot the shit, etc. Prior to starting the seminar, Jess has to get her squats in. . . Shooting for a few PR’s today. The girls watch in awe as she starts to climb in weight . . .Hell, the guys watch in awe, as she out lifts most of them probably with her lifts. Some amazing strength shown by Jess and was awesome to kick the day off with people seeing just what was possible!
Right from the opening introduction, you can see how passionate Jon is about Weightlifting… Very open minded, very personal and very informing. He explains where he came from, paths he had chosen, the good the bad, the great people, along with the pricks he encountered along the way. From the opening of the seminar, you cannot help but be fired up. His energy spreads through the room very quickly. You can see people starting to get antsy. . . the more he talks, the more they want to slam bars and make these lifts. “*uck!!!!! Jon North is here; get a barbell in my hand!” Yet, you continue to listen to the stories, the intro, and the information and take it all in. Things hit home for a lot of people as Jon describes some of the obstacles he has faced and overcome. Some great one liners are thrown out there; some great laughs and people are ready to go!
The technical side of things starts with the Snatch. We spend most of the day working the Snatch, breaking it down, step by step (all 3 to be exact). The Group A/B method with this seminar works PERFECTLY! Hell, the competition within the seminar was already starting, and we had at most a 45# bar in our hands. The Shit talking had begun! We run through drill after drill. . . step after step. Jon and Jess run this so smooth, it’s unreal. That is the unexplainable part with this write up; you will simply have to attend their seminar to see how easily you can learn these positions and steps. (Granted, you will have to spend tons of time mastering them, but that’s life. Suck it up, get some coffee and get on the *ucking horse.
Jon and Jess wander the room, watching mostly all lifts. It’s amazing how they coach and que. They never over coach, which I think is the magic in their coaching. They seem to know exactly what to say and when to say it. We had so many PR’s within our group I can’t even count. People who were NEVER introduced to this way of weightlifting, still carrying on with their scarecrow/pull and pray method- set PR’s with their first introduction to this way of lifting. Can you believe it? Our members are fortunate that we have been moving this way for quite some time. Teaching these methods, “BACK BACK BACK, not UP, wtf! It’s not 1960 anymore. . .come on!” That’s me venting via post here.
Lunch breaks after a Max Out session with the Snatch.. . naturally, we choose Chipotle. The fact that Jon and Jess were big fans of Chipotle, pretty much just solidified our Weightlifting Wednesday routine was the way to go and we will live by this ritual till we die. Typical New England though. . . a 15 min car ride turns to 30 each way, due to random car accidents (most likely people who didn’t have their miss brown eyes as of yet).
Following lunch, it’s Clean & Jerk Time. People are now looking to nap following lunch, but the second Jon calls everyone in, fire lights up in the eyes. Another movement, more awesome tips and more bar slamming; we are all in! This segment runs like the first, seamless. . . great one liners (see our twitter for a lot of them that were shared real time). The drills and que’s are so well laid out; no one seems to be missing a beat on these. Even the people who came in with very little experience in the Snatch / Clean & Jerk, are finding a rhythm with these drills. They are “getting it” and loving every minute of it.
Following the drills and technique work, its MAX Out time once again! Just like the Snatch session, PR’s are being called out left and right! This is unbelievable. We end up running late with the seminar due to the number of PR attempts by so many people …many of which were made lifts, may I add?
The show wraps up with the handing out of the Certs, Picture time, some Q & A and goodbyes. The energy doesn’t stop till the bay doors close and all are gone. Dylan joined me in dropping Jess and Jon off as they were flying out that night. Some great conversation on the way regarding particular views on certain subjects; business, shoe preference, training preference, old versus new etc. Like I said in the beginning, it’s not a closed book and I think that’s what people in the seminar appreciate most. Honesty! Unbiased opinions, open mindedness and passion beyond imaginable for the sport of Weightlifting.
I am attending another Attitude Nation Seminar in MA in November, simply for more time under the barbell with Jon and Jess. We are also having them back up for a 2nd Attitude Nation Seminar at CrossFit Free early next year! We will continue to grow our Weightlifting Club and follow Attitude Nation/MDUSA on their journey. Attitude Nation Salute to Jon and Jess for running an amazing seminar, leaving everyone looking for more and with the bug of weightlifting taunting them daily now.
CrossFit Owners, Strength & Conditioning Facilities – BOOK an ATTITUDENATION seminar within your place. Help grow the Weightlifting community around the US the RIGHT way. Your members/athletes deserve it. . . and so does USA Weightlifting! SALUTE!

Brandon Petersen/CrossfitFree 2016

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