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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Team Commentary pt 2

Max out Friday with more team commentary! First 160kg snatch since coach has been gone, and killed a 185kg c&j before making a gutsy jump straight to 195kg......which looking back now, I would have made the smart jump to 190kg.  But what can I say, I had that SHANKLE Blood in me!!  Plus, Saturday's squat workout is at the end of the video.  I smoked a BIG 10 kilo PR in the back squat at 250kg before dropping down to complete my sets of 5.  Yes, sometimes when coach is gone we will have a little fun and go for a max squat, but still always move on to complete the actual workout at hand.  I hope coach is reading this so I can get some brownie points.  Here is the video below.  SLAM BARS AND KILL PR'S!!!!!!!!!  

MAX SQUAT 2016  

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