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Monday, August 20, 2012

Up Is Back

Up is back.  Not over but behind.  Not squat but drop.  Catch the bar low is wrong, catch the bar even lower is right.  When do you lose your hook grip?  Shit I have no idea, good question.  My best answer to this head scratching curve ball is to just lose it, don't worry...... in this sport we all lose it after a while.  We are all training towards the crazy hospital.  Bang, slap, slam is no longer the sounds of weightlifting, but your head meeting the white wall.  Lift with me and never leave the gym with me.  Train with me and on the day of the meet win with me.  Drink three bottles of NyQuil with me and let all your emotions poor out with me.  You have heard some of mine, now it's my time to hear yours.  Damn... this is supposed to be a technique blog, and here I am getting off track talking about getting high off NyQuil.

Elbows toward the wall behind you on the finish, not up, always back. The bar should never rise higher than your belly button on the finish. The only time the bar will tuck you into bed is when you are pulling.... or wait, better yet, guiding yourself under the bar.  Drop your body like a bad habit.  Drop your body like someone cut the cable from the elevator.  Pull yourself under the bar like a gymnast, because at that point you are.  The bar is not going up or down, it just is.  The bar is just there, floating, defying gravity.  The bar might as well be connected to the wall, and now it's time to play around on the jungle gym.  But please hurry, recess ends soon, the clock is ticking, soon the bar has other plans, fast plans, at times mean plans, but hopefully winning plans.  We can only hope, hope the bar lands on the little shelf we have made for it.  We can only hope the bar, like the solid foundation we have built our home on, will stay a while.

I wonder what happens in life before that bar drops.  I bet something cool happens, like a baby being born, or a baby horse walking for the first time.  I bet magical things happen as that bar just hangs for that eye blinking second.  Mitt Romney combs his beautiful hair, Shankle tells a cool war story, Leo makes another bad ass movie, Coach dreams about Texas, and Chuck Norris round house kicks someone.  Bar back not up, Arched Angel back and beautiful like always, never vertical like a unattractive scarecrow.  She is sexy not strawy.  She is sweat tea on a hot Carolina day, and I could watch her all damn day.  She is the American records, she is mine forever soon enough.  Miss Brown eyes will have to share.

A very long but fun weekend. Thank you Crossfit Warwick for having us, it was a mother f'in blast.  If a cop pulls you over then just show them the Attitude Nation Cert and you are all good in the hood.  Lol.  Now it's time to play Zombies with Jared Enderton, eat lots of steak, drink lots of chocolate milk, maybe watch a few Mike Tyson videos to get ready for tomorrow's training, and then sleep, good old fashion sleep. Salute, I fucken love you all.

PS: Special shout out to my friend Ryan Grady.  You are the Dark Orchestra, you are the Attitude Nation, thank you for being such a bad ass.  Nice job on your PR, and thank you for all your support.  Salute.

Sleep 2016

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  1. ... and i am going to stay STRONG in the Attitude NATION. The Dark Orchestra is what I have been looking for since 2002. With you all the way through 2016 and beyond... THANK YOU and know you LITERALLY have the support of a nation behind you. ATTITUDE NATION SALUTE. (and seriously i cant believe how fast i am burning through gas with my windows down, AC up and of course Johnny Cash blasting FOLSOM PRISON BLUES but WHATEVER ITS WORTH IT!!!!!) ill be following while im in HONG KONG... keep the blogs coming!