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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I almost broke my keyboard to this bad boy

Let's see where it takes me. we go.  Fuck....buckle your seat belts and lock your doors.  Hold your favorite stuffed animals tight, because the song Shankle gave me today is too much.  Too much to hold back.  Once I flood my body with life juice, fists can fly and emotions can run even higher.  Alice in Wonderland thoughts and Johnny Cash feeling's can get me in trouble.  Stop reading this blog if you don't like to grab life by the throat and hold him high for every one to see!  Stop reading this fucken blog if you don't like ripping the heads off lions!  Raise your glasses and make love to your dreams.  We shall slam our bars all together at the same damn time, creating a more massive shake than the protein in your shaker cup! SLAM YOUR BARS so the normal folks above us can be reminded that our power bellies still move up and down at a fast pace.... .breath, breath, breath....we still live.

Miss brown eyes just grew Batman wings, and the little green monsters are flowing onto my key board like the opening scene in The Lion King.  Wave after wave of sugar sweat people fall from the sky into my mouth.  The taste is electrifying, the rush is heart pumping and cocaine feeling.  I am jacked. I am gone. I am no longer tired.  I am wide awake and ready to kill. I cut the slow people in line to get to the front.  Move, you're in my way.  More sugar!  More caffeine!  More life!  More training!  More Shankle!!!  More you and more medals.  More bloody hands as we wave to all the people who hate us.  Hello to you all!  I wave with a smile as they all throw garbage and rocks through my computer screen, only to be blocked by the bat wing of coffee. The happier we are, the more angry they become.  Who are they? I'll tell you. They are the ones who missed training yesterday.  They are the ones who transform their smooth shiny hands into a cup shaped bowl.  Prisoners of the world! Move out of our way!  I buy milk like it's a sport.  I push the cart to by milk like it's a race.  I park my car, to push my cart, to buy milk like a damn pro.  I get ready at home to park my car, to push my cart, to buy my milk like I am getting ready for a Weightlifting meet. 

We slowly wake. We wake from the once cold, now warm floor of the Dark stage, while the Orchestra of skeletons stand and play songs that lift us from our puddles of tears and depression.  A happy day in the Dark Orchestra, a day of dancing and singing.  A day of heaven, before training casts its hell over us once again.  Before the fog sets in, let's climb the green grassy hill and draw pictures for our mothers.  Pictures of family members holding hands.  Pictures of past dogs and memories that boost our motivation to keep the right stepping and the left following.  Let's fight! Let's have a good day!  No, no, let's have a great fucking day! It's a great day to be alive. Enjoy the happy while it still lasts, before the lights dim, and the trees lose their leaves.  Before the ash will fall, and the music changes from grassy fields to bloody hands and barbells of doom. Enjoy this moment, because training starts soon. 

Batman 2016


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  2. Jon,

    This is my second post on your blog. I am writing b/c I just sat and listened to the most recent weightlifting talk and just read this blog. A few things.. 1. Hans Zimmer...great composer ( I train to his pandora channel daily) 2. Don't come into my gym and ask me for help and say "i read an article" (I am a coach and always run into this. Especially when people challenge what you know and what you can do because they throw around a few buzz words and watched youtube. Because I am just going to tell you straight out what it takes. 3. I was sore and tired from training 5 days a week for countless weeks and I was not going to train tomorrow. It is now late in the evening in Pennsylvania and I do not want to become "HIM" I feel like throwing open the garage ,putting down the rubber mats,slam bars, blasting the dark knight rises soundtrack along with braveheart, last of the mohicans, waking the neighbors as they look at me with that, "who do you think you are?, why are you doing that type of lifting"? It's going to hurt your joints and it's so bad for you. Be careful. Then as I look right through them and say. Why don't you just leave me fucking be. I'm not bothering you, I didnt ask for your fucking opinion. Leave me alone. As the sweat pours, tears well from past emotions that are pushed way down into your gut. Trying your damn best to kill the snatch and crush the clean and jerk..... Now that I have calmed down after spilling that out. Just wanted to let you know.. You and your team inspire...

    Keep up the good work..