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Friday, July 26, 2013

The Title Take Back

A picture of the Nation winning the title in 2011.  But in was taken from us.  

This Sunday The Attitude Nation Takes back the title.  Nationals......two days out.  
It's videos like these two below that get my blood pumping.  

Thank you to Derrick Johnson and Jacob Naranjo for including me in this extremely awesome and motivating Video.  Training with THE Derrick Johnson was an honor and a pleasure.  Salute!   

The Motivation does NOT STOP THERE!!  My man Teddy Fox (aka) Steven Spielberg goes HAM fucken sandwich on his brand new video below!  I almost threw the hotel lamp right out the window after watching this one!  Both these videos have me more jacked up than ever for Nationals this Sunday.  

Thank you again to Teddy, Derrick and Jacob.   And thank you to the whole Attitude Nation family for all the support.  LET'S TAKE BACK THE TITLE!!! 

Gold Medal 2016 

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