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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Caleb Ward & The Beauty He Possesses

This is my once team mate and very good friend Caleb Ward clean and jerking the Junior American record at the Arnold Championships.  Best technique in the world hands down.  Best Superman pull, best bar body contact (aka) Tyson Hips.  Best Arched Angel (aka) Tom Brady on a white horse.  Fastest lifter under the bar ever (aka) ripping the head off a lion.  Best bar oscillation in both the bottom of the clean and the dip and drive in the jerk.  Superb fast feet (aka) Ali Feet.  Just an all around smooth and beautiful athlete.  Caleb Ward has mastered his art and continues his journey for perfection. 

Watch this over and over and over.  Yes Caleb is a hip cleaner, and yes.....he upper cuts the hell out of the bar.  If the bar was a person, a KO would ring across the world like the sound of a giant pounding amongst his chest.

The international coaches call Caleb "big body"  What some people don't know is this 300 pound plus pound tank can smoke 10 consecutive back flips in a row.  The power of a weightlifter is stronger than pride itself.

PS: Caleb Ward is a great lifter but an even better person.  A class act I am proud to call my friend.

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