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Monday, December 31, 2012

Jack & Tess

I guess this article could pass as a diary, a diary about a hooker, a diary about all the friends I have somehow run into during the last decade.  Who knew the guy selling me a gym membership at 24 Hour Fitness would end up being one of my best friends. I mean think about the odds of us being alive. Getting the chance to type this diary to you is something that I don't think our minds were meant to understand.  I guess this is where the word Faith comes from, trusting something that truly makes no sense.  500 years ago, a man named Jack had to have sex with a hooker named Tess for me to be here writing this blog to you.  Yes I know, if you need some time to think about that before you continue reading, then please, take your time.  Because of Jack and Tess's life decisions 500 years ago, I got approached at Power House Gym by a man named Matt that owned The Nutri-Shop down the street.  This is when I was sleeping in my car, living homeless, scrapping up enough money to eat at McDonald's so I had enough energy to train...... of course I took the job. Matt is still a very dear friend. 

Thank the Lord that in year 264 BC, a Gladiator named Shark and a wanderlust Princess named Bella hooked up to create you, the reader.  You must send Shark a thank you card, or just honor them by having fun this New Year's Night.  The thought of us being the start of someone becoming.... well someone, a million years down the road makes me drink more coffee.  But then again we didn't start it, we are just a part of the life chain of people we meet and run into.  Because I was bad at school, I went to a junior college only because I was good at football, and because of football I took a summer painting class for credits that lead me to my wife, which lead me to Sac State, which then lead me to weightlifting, which has finally lead me to writing you tonight.  So thank you Lord for not giving me the gift of being book smart, or what I should really say is thank you lord for making whomever down the long line of the family chain not book smart, and also thank you to the stud caveman aka - freak athlete in his or her time that made me.... me.  

Every time I take a sip of this hot coffee, my memories takes me back to past friends I have met throughout my path to now.  Some very good friends, and others that probably don't even remember me, but all have left a stamp on my outcome.  I am a result of them, just a melting pot of influences, just like weightlifting.  Everywhere I walk, they walk beside' me, you know who you are.  Every time I tell a joke, it's the joke I stole from them.   Once I was opening the doors for people at T.G.I.Fridays 'til 2 AM, and now when I take people out to eat at Fridays I can't stop but to smile from all the crazy pranks and memories that slap me in the face, and how broke I was! Man I was broke. Man I was hungry. Man I had dreams I wanted to achieve, but I will tell you one thing, I was never happier.  Back then, all I needed was my Jessica, a couch, and a weight room.  I lived on pennies but I was rich with friends, a support group that could carry me further than I could carry myself.  I have always had the best of friends, why is this?  I don't try, it's not like I am a judge on a reality show looking for the best friend with the best qualities.  I guess I am just naturally drawn to truly good people, amazing people, positive, and uplifting people.  I think you the reader can relate, if you are reading this blog then we understand each other, we get each other, we are friends.  You the reader is this blog, and this blog has had probably one of the biggest impacts in my life.

I was thinking about giving shout outs to all who I am thankful for..... but that would take way too long, and you the reader might get bored.  I will say thank you to you, the whole Dark Orchestra Family, the Whole Attitude Nation Family, my blood family, my wife and dog daughter family, and to all my friends I have made over the years...... you know who you are, thank you.  Happy New Year.

 PS: Thank you to Jack and Tess for having sex 500 years ago.

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Happy New Year 2013!

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