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Monday, December 10, 2012

Hang Gliding

Wiggle your toes while you pull, just to make sure the heels hold the weight of the world.  Better yet, wiggle your toes before you break the floor, putting you in a ready position, a position of "if I let go of this bar I will fall back on my ass".  A position that soon will soon have you hanging over the edge of a cliff, a high up cliff that has you scared to look down. So you look straight ahead, beyond the jagged rocks, a place where you can see yourself, a place where the drive of destination takes over and your mind becomes free.  Hold on to the bar like you would the gliding kite that spreads above you.  Now pull. Fly like super man and hold on tight, for this bar is the only thing between you and a long drop to failure.  Pick up speed. Faster!  Now drive your shoulders over the bar and embrace the freedom that only you can feel.  Freedom that others will never understand nor experience. The pull becomes weightless if done right. If timed perfectly, the bar itself truly comes alive, making you find yourself on a ride at Disney Land.

Over the cliff you go, fast and powerful, free and enlightened, strong and in control.  This is a ride, a ride through weightlifting, a ride throughout this crazy life we live.  Jumping off the cliff means doing what we love, putting happiness over money, and helping others throughout our pull.  Pull for you, and that alone will spread to others.  Sometimes being selfish is the best way to give.  Drink your coffee while pulling for friends.  Pull this weight up off the ground and notice the family members that sit upon the spinning kilo plates waving with proud smiles. Where do you see yourself this high? What do you take from this experience? Put your book down, and read yourself.   Pull yourself up when you are down.  This is why the pull is so important in weightlifting.  Let the roots from the ground take your tree trunk legs higher than any drug.  Ride the white dog to save the princess, and if you don't think this is real, then wiggle your toes.  If you don't get over, then you will never get back.  "Everything in weightlifting is back, not up"- Paul Doherty.

What do I see this high?  I see myself sitting in Room 2 staring out the window with the other special kids.  I see myself crying before class because of fear and embarrassment.  I see myself dancing in the crystal layer of white smoke and taking dips into the sea of brown bags and pink codeine rivers.  Looking back, I don't regret anything, but I am glad that I decided to jump. I am glad I became a cliff hanger.  I am glad that I pulled back to move forward. I am glad I realized that living high was really living low, and in order to truly become high was to pull.  My career really took off when I decided to let go, and let go I did.  Who was I to trust myself?  So I pulled. I stayed on my heels and pulled for dear life, and oh how dear this life really truly is.  When you pull you jump, when you jump you gain courage, when you gain courage you pull, when you pull you cliff hang, when you hang glide you see life in a different light.  Goodnight.

Superman Pull 2016


  1. you make weightlifting SO MUCH more than just picking up a bar and throwing it over your head... that is why you are the man. every day in the gym has come to mean so much more to me since reading your blog... and that my friend is friggin awesome.

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