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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dynamic Start

Rock back then release.  Churn your body up and down 'til the butter is ready.  Become a seagull violently dropping down to snatch its prey.  Open your mouth wide to inhale strength and confidence, only to exhale all of your fears.  Yell so loud that your voice echoes back to the classroom you failed so badly.  Let everyone know before breaking the weight from the floor that you have already broken from the path you once walked upon.  Move before moving.  Move my friend, and never let anyone get in your way.  Gain speed to break through the wall of life.  Add momentum to your pull to pull off greatness in this sport.  Gain power in this life to shut the trolls up that stay hidden away in a cave full of super hero posters that they somehow can't figure out how to become.  Oh yes, I lift with massive energy and a massive heart.  So much anger it could kill an elephant.  So much passion it could make Juliet kill herself.  I write with a violin that speaks way more words than I could ever speak.  I listen to this song that Donny has sent me thinking of the only thing that really matters, "Move boy" -Shankle.  Good bye writer's block, hello dynamic start.  Cigarettes and coffee keep me writing, or better yet.... moving.  A "Move boy" will make you move, and that's exactly what these fingers full of salt water are doing.  Slam your bar full of bloody eyes and a sore soul.  I'm with you, we are with you.  I know why you are in sports, you can't hide.... you can lift but not hide.  

A cold turkey dynamic start works great for small violins that play throughout this Orchestra of weightlifting, but deeper battle wounds must find more ways to lift the heavy bar above head.  Attach horses to your stings and play on. This will create less heart ache, but many more hateful opinions, comments and a huge fan base of haters.  What kind of odd balle movement does your favorite lifter perform? And will you try the same?  Why is this very important subject never talked about?  Why are so many important details in this sport never talked about? Why are all the "Elite Professionals" staying hush hush?  There is so much more to this battle than technique and strength.  Moving before the bar breaks the floor can take you and drop you off in better positions throughout the journey of the pull.  If you feel you are getting out of position and the weight is redirecting you, then try a start that will fit to your liking.  

I have tried over a million dynamic starts. Many have worked and many have failed.  The ones that have worked, I always have felt could be even better. So I kept on changing them, always wanting to learn more about myself as a weightlifter and as a technician. I continued my work in the lab, working with myself and keeping an open mind to new ideas.  A changing sea is what it took to see the gold sand I now bath in today.  My start still slightly changes to this day, but not much. I stay close to my 166kg snatch aka home.  I recently clean and jerked a new PR at 195kg.  This is due to changing my dynamic start in the clean.  I was noticing that my dynamic start in the snatch wasn't carrying over well in the clean.  So the last few months, I have been working on a few ideas that have recently paid off.  The idea I have come across is what I will use to win Gold at Americans.  Seeing a dynamic start on video gives it no justice.  The creature lives within you and me, not for anyone to see or understand.  You may never understand my start, and I may never understand yours.  We can see and grasp the surface of a dynamic start, but the magic that lies within our body can never be detected, this is why there is no right way to complete a dynamic start.  This is why I am not writing on what I actually do, but more of what this kilo adding creature can do for us weightlifters when understood and fitted to each individual lifter.
Kilo Creature 2016

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  1. i played the song, read the blog, and then scrolled down and watched your 195cj and right at the crescendo of the song, where it breaks away into silence, you nailed the jerk and your teammates cheered. quite amazing.