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Thursday, June 14, 2012


Yes, tomorrow is the big day.  Tomorrow at 12:30 my team mate Donny Shankle and I drink coffee, talk weightlifting, and take callers with any questions they might have on our very first Podcast called WEIGHTLIFTING-TALK.  you can find the show at just type in Weightlifting-Talk.  Please call the show and chat with Shankle and myself about Weightlifting, training, programing, or anything outside of Weightlifting.  The number to call the show tomorrow is (646)-652-4173  no scrips, no planning, no boring bullshit talk, just a lot of coffee, a lot of Shankle, and a whole lot of awesomeness.  Hope to here from you tomorrow.  Salute!

PS:  My wife and I made it to SC safe and sound.  A long journey has come to a close.  One that will never be forgotten. We trained hard yesterday and today, but tomorrow is the first day of the real Practice, tomorrow is the first day of hell.  So don't miss the live feed either.  Practice starts at 3 our time.  Kaleb Whitby is getting a little too confident, I might have to put him in his place tomorrow!

Weightlifting-Talk 2016


  1. thats awesome you're in SC! glad you made it to the east coast safely! do work, salute!

  2. where can I find a link to the live feed?

  3. Where is the live feed? Is it still the Ustream from Cali Strength? I don't see it.


  5. Hey tht was great. Had to download it and listen to it on the plane. Will there be more? I want to call in