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Thursday, June 28, 2012


A meeting with a zombie. A Wanderlust mind that directs your feet away from the herd. A sit down with another type of person. A cold and lonely stage is where you eat dinner tonight, and the skeletons you have put away for so many years seem to have joined you at the long wooden table that sits a family of thousands in the empty center of the Dark Orchestra. This is what I find fascinating. Just as fascinating as dedicating your life to something that you cant see or feel. 

Your green hill has now turned dark red from the sky that crept up behind you. The sky that looks down upon you so proudly, as the black birds guide you to......well you. Yes proud, where others see the red threat as doom. This is where they are wrong, this is where their feet should walk, this is where the comfort zone starts, and their world ends. Bold steps towards what you want. This is what Shankle speaks of so passionately. Steps of chance, followed by steps of courage, can cure anything and anyone. Steps that will eventually get you face to face with a zombie, or lead you to a small town where you could meet your new best friend. Steps that make your hand bleed from the double edged sword you hold so tightly. You must take a chance; I must take the bold steps to achieve what I want. We must leave ourselves back home at the kitchen table, and walk to a new outlook, a new adventure, and a new life.  We must walk in the dark, or else we will live in the white light called the comfort zone. A world where so many live and die.  A blanket of comfort and satisfaction that people walk around with in public. A world where so many dream day and night, for they can only dream, because dream is all they have. They are too scared to make it reality. They are prisoners of their own self-doubt. 

A gamblers rush of losing intrigues me.  A rush that reminds he or she that they are still alive. This amazes me that a gambler could be the same as a weightlifter, they both have the disease of Wanderlust, and it seems they are both chasing the unknown. Even losing is a win in many ways. A win of living and taking chances. A win of trying. A sit down with a zombie could be good, who knows. Over the hill could be heaven, or just the red hell that seems to still hang over you. See in my opinion hell is a place that lives within us. Hell is a comfort zone, a prison cell that keeps us from being.....well, us. Don’t listen to anyone. Close this blog down now. My words are nothing but talk, they are not walk. You must walk; you must eat dinner by yourself. You must ride the rides at the carnival with no one around. Find out what will happen, and how you will react to such unknown. Find out who you are, and what you are capable of. 

A bloody hand only means a well sought off person. An individual who will sleep well at night, for they have fought for their dreams, win or lose. But there is no lose, because the journey itself in a win. A double edged sword is a win-win, even though your hand drips with blood. There is no such thing as a win-lose, only a lose-lose.  A lose-lose is the world of comfort and sought after acceptance from others. The sheep will never know who they really are. I find myself at ease when I am on the edge. I find the darkest corners of life so intriguing,  so comfortable, as if they were my childhood home lit up like the month of December.  Wanderlust is what my buddy Adam Hall told me it was called, as I so despretly explained to him one day about this odd feeling I constatnly encounter, I didnt even realize it had a name. I am so drawn to the unknown, at times I catch myself just driving, just walking, and just looking out through the Starbucks window for no apparent reason. What the hell is out there? Maybe this is why I couldn’t stand sitting in a class room; I was too busy itching for the bell to ring so I could explore the sea I could not see. I am addicted to wanderlust like I am addicted to this coffee. Do you ever have the feeling of getting in your car and driving with known destination in sight? What if I just walked for three days straight, where would it take me? What would it bring me? What would I find? 

Shit, the more I think about it, the more I am realizing that everything up to this point in my life has been driven by wanderlust. This is how I met my Wife, this is how I met you, and by sitting here writing is just another way of breaking free. I guess Wanderlust is really the unknown, because I have no idea what the hell I am talking about, and where I am going with this. I am just taking bold steps forward. I am just writing to you in the ever so confused dream world called the Dark Orchestra.  

Here is the brand new MDUSA video below. Salute.

The Dark Orchestra 2016