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Friday, October 25, 2013

Team AN at the NC State Championships

I could not be more proud of my team.  They fought hard....and battled to the end.  First meet, first kill.  For there are many more to come as we continue marching up this steep and muddy hill.  Goals were reached while PR's were slaughtered, celebrating not only victory.....but the successful escape from the ongoing temptation of the Devil In A Red Dress.  American Open bound we walk side by side, hand in hand, in numbers we are strong, individually we are warriors.  Our dreams stay in focus as our heads rise high.  This feeling....this smokey aftermath....this blood on our hands and the pride in our heart, is a reminder of why we fight everyday in a gym of hurt, sore, and the ongoing backlash of what society on the outside has labeled us as......freaks.  For freaks we are!  And proud we stand!  Every weightlifter must raise their hand to announce to the world their plan! Gold medals is why.....while victory within lays at peace....a feeling and an understanding we never understood before entering this sport, nor felt. A gasp of air you breath, as your view on the podium looks wide and far, magnificent and breath taking.  For once the green monster is allowed to stand.....and stand tall you shall.  Soak it in while remembering the feeling before training drowns you once again, deep under water where the darkness becomes home, pain becomes comfort, and the ground you see draws blood from your teeth.  This is why......this is why we train......for the feeling of medal around our neck, and a single individual goal being reached.  Next time training becomes hell for hell it is.....remember the view that once looked over the world as the sun raised warming your face while shinning its light on a knight of battle.  When the smoke settles is when our site is so clear.  High on top lays a medal that makes us shed a tear, reach for the stars young athletes......for your journey has just begun.  We will win and lose many battles.....but the war is ours! 

Rabbit - 100kg - 125kg - Gold  (Qualified for AO)

 Jessica North 73kg - 90kg - Gold

Dallas Hunter 120kg - 146kg - Gold  (Qualified for AO)

Jessica Michie 67kg - 80kg - Silver  (Qualified for AO)

Chris Amenta - 111kg - 144kg - 4th Place  (PR snatch - C&J- Total)

Justin Lovingood - 120kg - 150kg - Silver  (PR Meet Total)  

Jordan Gayer - 90kg - 0 -  (Injured shoulder) 

Genie Francisco - Did not compete due to joining the team last and missing registration dead line.  She is already qualified for the AO.  

Some lifts were missed on film....including Dallas Hunter's 120kg snatch -  and Chris Amenta's 141kg PR C&J.

The Bar Slamming Incident will be coming out separately tonight.  

Team AN! 

Team Attitude Nation 2016 

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