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Monday, October 21, 2013

Blood Shot

The white glaze that once circled her brown eyes now lays in a bath of blood, as a shot of warmth meets the cold outside air.  Steam moves like fog around the icy mountains that stagger her on point journey where land meets water.  Throughout her tunnel vision......each step will soon push her closer to feeling alive, once the blood from her eyes falls fast upon her moving feet.  As the dragon flying above her breathes fire amongst the now charcoal black trees..... she adds another taste of blood for the rush of bravery and balance.  Blood so heavy her eyelids droop, low like the bank she walks to, heavy and deep like her past.  Evil pulled them down to see what lies within the eyes that look out, to figure out how someone so fragile can become so strong.  The black dots that never seem to blink have now been infected with the blood she has drawn so heavy.  A shot of reality to help with reality.  A shot of warm meeting cold to create some sort of fucken balance that this life has given her.  Her hands ice cold as the rocks of gravel under her feet roll with crunch as the path she takes leads her to the destination of her choosing.  With every step a drop of blood falls, warming her with a coat of white as her skin turns ghost from the loss of blood.  The evening turns dark like her soul, as the ice around her melts from her warmth.  She gives off a certain vibe that makes the knees from others crumble and grow weak.  Strong with a taste of bold, some can't seem to handle her power, some can't seem to swallow her misery, her pain.... her faults.  Some can't seem to handle what truth she holds.  The smell of sharp, the after taste of regret.  She is you.... the direction of love, real and never forgotten, for some stay hidden away from the bank she walks toward.

A cold night chills the plants and trees that bend like ballet dancers, falling and swinging like a play that asks for her approval.  For claps are unseen, for the blood has drawn shade over the already black holes that sink into her head.  A dark roast of fire burns her stomach with every step, closer and closer she walks.... faster and faster her heart pumps, moving her feet at a steady pace over the frozen hills and green landscape she calls necessary.  Fight within released from the hell outside makes the skin turn from the reader to her, as she screams to the moon while digging her long nails into her palms.... a grip so tight only blood could be drawn.  For blood is what makes any shot swirl and scream, come alive and dream, to walk the night with a dream in mind, to get closer to this reality becomes a responsibility that weighs heavy in her hand.   As her mind turns, the mixture of both energy meeting energy rattles a heavy blend of storm and rain, wet as the melting rocks that slowly turn into her brown eyed pain. Becoming a part of myself, you the reader whoever mixes two toxins of the some sort will figure, a storm of some sort will violently rain down upon the ones who fucked us.  Giving all hell to capture, for freedom within is without blood from within.  She bleeds the shot of her life which makes mine spike with fierce revenge, raining hell on those who struck me down, for cuts on my back keep me from drowning in hell.  My own scars are what keeps me curing the ones of others.  I will cut my skin deep with the nails I have grown, so others can't.  She adds an extra shot, so they can't.

She met her edge, as the water met her lips.  Red like her eyes.... red like the sea she looks over.  Home bound, and ready to live under a liquid layer where fear cannot reach.  Her eyes now closed, as her toes  met the fall, while her heels stayed steady on the bank of ice and rock.  Still cold, still night, for she felt warmth as the shot of confidence met her that night.....she then took a deep breath.....

"Your name is strong, you must kill it before they kill you".  - unknown

Miss Brown Eyes 2016

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