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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Support The Troops

The 29th Attitude Nation Support The Troops Certification Seminar was crazy fun. We were so grateful to be able to show our gratitude to all the soldiers who make it possible for us to do what we do everyday.  This is only the very start of our support the troops events and fundraisers.  The Attitude Nation will be putting on fundraisers for the Wounded Warrior Project in the near future, and more of these free clinics for our troops.  We will keep you posted with details for the events, times, and dates.  Anything we can do to help and show our appreciation.  Thank you all again. 

God Bless America 


  1. Well done Jon... Love that you are using your influence and popularity to give back like this.

    1. This was a killer seminar! Wildly entertaining yet informative. And probably my proudest PR moments ever. You and your better half are fucking awesome.....PINK!