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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Bar whip will whip your ass under the bar like a sling shot on pink pills.  A shot from a sling that will pay off when catching.   Rhythm, timing, bounce, fast, explosive, coffee, love, hate, steak, Shankle and a lion, and green monsters in your belly.  Oscillation is behind all of these tricks to the game.  Street weightlifting.  Not talked about movements that hide in the dark of this orchestra only to come out and play when fast moving freaks like us give their day job the finger and smash weights through the floor pissing off every damn neighbor in sight. More pink pills means more strong, and if you can't take pink pills like myself, then bar whip is the next best thing.  USADA has single handily given me the full use of bar whip, while other countries get two sides with their main course rather than just one. Screw it, no excuse, let's just use what we have been given by the weightlifting gods to our advantage.  

Oscillation means more float time.  Float time for the arched angel to flap her wings, her 20 kilo wings that is.  A spoon full of sugar and a shot of coffee can make any weightlifter fly while still keeping their toes planted on the floor, giving off shock waves of massive destruction to those commie North Korean sons of bitches.  A golf club that bends can make the white ball go further.  Whack! Hips to bar when done right and timed right can do all the work for you, slapping you smack dab in a roller coaster of speed and power. What do I think about when I lift?  Hanging on.  The wind passes my ears like a kid out the car window headed to Disney Land.  The harder you push back, the harder the force of contact you create, giving the bar longer time to flap her wings and make love to you.  

Why do you lean back so much on the finish Jon? Oscillation, I answer while chugging coffee as if I have been stranded in the desert for 2 weeks without coffee.  On a side note.....could you even imagine no coffee for two weeks?  You can't, me neither.  Awful......let's move on.  As I was saying, the longer your hips come through the bar, the longer the bar will oscillate in mid air, giving you just enough time to dive under, pull under, drop under, shrug under, Ali feet under.  Whatever term you want to use, it's all the same. This is why Tiger Woods follows through his swing......power.  The hips are the golf club, the ball is the bar.  Cut your arch short, and you will cut the make short right on the back of your neck.  Now drink more coffee and keep reading, for hopefully this might help you the next day with gaining a relationship with the bar, which is the number one road block for a weightlifter at any stage.  Relationship.  An understanding.  Not a scientific understanding, but a personal understanding.  Only one you can have, no one else.  James Tatum said it best, YouTube is a great way to learn and be coached.  I agree full heartily, but when not knowing what to look for, it can cause head scratching and frustration. It can blind what's really in front of you.  I went through this Ray Charles syndrome for many years.  What the fuck am I looking at or for.  I would have just done what any man in my shoes would of at that time, drank more coffee, but at that time of my life I didn't know miss brown eyes.  I know, crazy right.  Why the hell do I keep getting off on coffee when trying to write a blog on the whip of the bar.  Good Lord, I am addicted.  Wait......better yet I am in love. OK fuck it moving on.  Understand it, see it, then feel it.  The feeling part might take a while, like years and years a while.  It took me about 3 years to really get the timing of her wing power.  And once I found it......what the hell was I suppose to do with it?  Reps, reps, reps, reps, reps, reps, and more reps. Turn up the volume and dance along.  

When the initial hit occurs, the bar will act like a belt wrapping around your waste.  The bar will try to touch both sides of the weights on either side behind your back.  Before the weights have the pleasure to meet each other they will have a rude awakening from the bar.  As you bring your hips through the hit portion of the finish into the full extension (aka) arched angel - the bar will then start to whip out in front of you with much speed.  But Jon, this is the problem, it's not good to have the bar swing out in front of you.  Hold on.....let me take my coffee cup and bash it upon this triple extension's head.  This is the triple extension's go to attack method.  Use the force on the outward moving bar, and guide it back towards you.  This is why the elbows must face back, never up.  If the hips don't come through, and the elbows are straight up, then yes......the bar will swing out in front of you. Come at me bro, I can literally go all day.  Especially with this very odd song I found that has put me in an ever so interesting mood.  I am definitely going to put the song above the blog on this one.  What if the bar never did bend? Then A) the hit would hurt like hell, this is why the better the bar you have the truly better your lifts will be.  I hate to say it, but it's true.  B) Since the wave effect of the bar would not be in affect, the bar would fall much much faster.  This is actually a pointless question in the first place, because the bar will always bend, unless you're lifting with concrete.....or triple extension. 

The oscillation helps wonders in the catch portion of the clean, much much more than the snatch.  Why?  As the outer part of the bar whip finally meets you in the bottom position of the catch, you are now going to catch the "bounce" and try your best to shoot up out of the "hole" aka the dark deep sea of missed lifts and wrist breaking.  The bar whip now starts to swing back up from its long drop down, and gives you that helping hand to add speed and power to stand tall in front of the crowd.  I say the oscillation works better in the clean rather than the snatch because the snatch is more of a balancing act. You must at times sit down in the hole, watch a movie, make sure the bar and you are under control, and then stand.  Rushing out of the bottom position in the snatch is death, don't do it.  The weight is light compared to your back, front, and clean lifts.  The bottom position in the clean is NOT YOUR FRIEND! Get the hell out of there, and fast!   

Everything applies the same in the jerk as well.  The biggest problem I see when watching people jerk is the slight pause, or for a better word hesitation, in the lowest portion of the dip before the drive. Why is this bad?  You will miss the bus.  This is why.  The bus meaning the bar, the bar meaning the whip, the whip meaning the oscillation, the oscillation meaning you holding onto a hot air balloon and taking you high into the air.  Miss the timing of the whip like I do many times a week, and your knees will collapse from the you trying to drive up while the bar is now coming back down like a coke head up for three nights straight.  Don't be the coke head, and drive out of the dip like you do in the clean. A drill to work on for this timing and relationship is taking out a very heavy weight in the front squat position, and dip and drive over and over for 5 minutes until you and the bar are on the same page. 

 I hope this helps.  I haven't written a technique blog in a while, it was fun.  There is so much more in between all of this.  I think this topic needs more parts on this blog in the future for sure.  I find it very interesting.  Goodnight.
The King of Oscillation 

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  1. Jon - another great post. I enjoy being on the roller coaster with your words. You write like Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. With passion and energy. This style helps someone like me really visualize what you are talking about. Next time i dip in a jerk - i'll remember to get the hell out of there!
    Thank you.

  2. Awesome post Jon. Can't wait to see new videos of you slamming bars and killing PRs.

  3. jon bring attitude to louisiana or florida PLEASE

  4. I think this blog just saved my jerk. I felt oscillation that I previously never knew to look for. One workout does not equal success but it gives me hope.

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  6. This post single handedly improved my snatch. Noticeably. Really helped things "click" more in my head, especially in regards to bar / body contact and awareness. Thank you, Jon. SALUTE!