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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Power Belly

Rolling bellies and waving hands dance around the dinner table as we eat together under the golden lights of this beautiful Italian Restaurant.  We laugh around the table as if a teammate just ducked walked a lift while spinning into a 180, then standing!  I point my finger across the table with a look that loudly reads, "You, son of a bitch!".  Chris Gute, you know I'm talking about you. Ha!  Rewarding our bodies from the battle, we eat....and eat hard.  It's not all about gaining weight, it's about recovery, and the more recovery you feed your body, the more weight you will gain.  We must gain more weight.  We must wake up in the middle of the night and eat a PB&J with a cold glass of chocolate milk.  Extra scoop of creatine in case training goes into overtime.  A blended protein shake with snicker bars, gummy bears, and chicken alfredo from last night's left overs.  Why gummy bears you may ask? I truly believe that sugar is good for athletes; it makes us strong, powerful, and ready for the world.

Making your body happy is so underrated.  I look at it as rewarding my body from everything it has done for me.  A happy belly makes for a happy training session.  People always ask me how to gain more weight, or that they are having trouble packing on the pounds, and my first response is always the same, don't just eat more of your "healthy" foods, eat more foods that your belly likes.  Let fat into your life, let calories into your life,  let bread, for good Lord sakes, into your life! You want scientific backing, well I got it right..........well no, I don't have any.  This is why I don't write a lot about food and diet, because I don't know much about it.  But the diet I have created for my skeletons in this Dark Orchestra has worked wonders for them and me.  They have stronger bones, bigger bones, power bellies....(which every weightlifter has), and they can go longer in training and recover better than any other.  The key word for this blog is athlete, and not civilian.  Athletes like ourselves must intake more of everything, not just more of some things.  More sleep, more food, more water, more sugar, more milk, more coffee, more TRAINING!

Slap hands and tuck your napkin in your shirt while bonding with your teammates.  After a workout, meeting up with your fellow gym family and eating is better training than actual training itself.  I only write about what I have seen, nothing else.  And I have seen remarkable achievements accomplished by bonding, laughing, trusting, and loving, all gravitated towards food.  Meet up at the deli of Safeway, and eat.  Slide the mayo across the table and eat.  Extra steak on my sandwich?.......ummm fuck yea. Don't stop eating even after you're full, this is so important.  STOP LISTENING TO YOUR BODY!  I just can't stress this enough, in training and in eating.  Train your body to eat, just like training it to train.  There is no such thing as full, only recovered.

In my opinion, football games are won in the weight room, in the dorms, at triple keg parties. Weightlifting meets are won from happy bellies, and a good relationship with your coach and teammates.  What a better way to attract all of this than eating. For those that are on a strict diet, that's ok! Attitude Nation is all about doing what works for you! Ac up windows down. But, for athletes on a semi strict diet that are wanting to add some pounds to better themselves in their sport, try this.  Once a week or even once every two weeks, go out and eat a lot of whatever your diet does not allow you to eat.  My favorite place to eat when my weight gets down, is a pizza buffet. Coach takes me there and force feeds me 'til I almost throw up.  Lol, it's awful.  Eating is hard, especially when we are forcing food down your mouth throughout the day when you are already full. I always say that the day I retire from this sport, I am going to weight 90 pounds because I am never going to eat again.  It's so true though, think about it.  For us athletes, every time we eat it's because we have to for recovery, or to gain weight. I can't even remember the last time I ate because I was hungry.  When I retire from this sport, I will happily retire from food.  I will clean up my non-athlete diet and probably eat very clean, but not now.  Now it's war.

I ain't got time for healthy food, only food that is going to make me lift bigger weight.  I don't give a rat's ass about how healthy I am, all I care about is winning.  After I am done winning, I will get my monthly doctor's check up.  We must not forget why we are eating the way we are, is it because it's good for you, whatever that really means, or because it's helping us become better athletes? Diets to me are like general strength training programs, I still have no idea what they mean.  In my opinion, everything in life is specific, we must be specific, and that goes for eating as well.  I hate food, but I love getting strong.  I love this blog. I love Italian food. I love a happy belly.  Salute.

Friday Max Out Day video.  We are beat to bloody hell. 

New MDUSA video below from monday afternoon!

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  1. I love this blog as well, Jon. I hope you are doing well, en keep the writing coming..! :)

  2. " A blended protein shake with snicker bars, gummy bears, and chicken alfredo from last night's left overs. Why gummy bears you may ask? I truly believe that sugar is good for athletes; it makes us strong, powerful, and ready for the world. " OMG DID YOU REALLY JUST SAY THAT?? I love you man... gummy bears are my life. those lil bastards are so good... gimmie a bag full of Harbo gummy bears and watch me PR my ass off. I am so making that shake tonight... just need the chicken alfredo.