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Monday, January 21, 2013

Mike! Let The Sun In!

Across the gym, I yelled with my hands cupped around my mouth, "Hey Mike, open that garage door so the sun can pierce through our iced coffees and onto our platforms!".  I yelled in slow motion, as millions of little drops of spit came flying out of my mouth while my eyes were shut strong. Bars being lifted up and down like the keys on a piano.  Smiles washed away with anger.  A grave yard of past away energy drinks lay at rest below our feet, as we rumbled and tumbled around the gym like a school yard play ground.  Old coffee cups like skeletons on a pirate ship hanging around as if the cups were still a part of the team, which they truly are. Atmosphere and a good support structure is everything. Mike let the sun in! Let the warmth hit our face reminding us how great it is to be alive, how lucky we are to be able to do what we love.  It would look as if I was waving to you from the other side of the gym Mike, but what I am doing is flying through the land of dust and chalk that the sun has made visible on this early morning in a... well, a very dusty gym.  Dust mixed with chalk has put me slap dab in the middle of a snow storm, a wild storm that has me fighting for my life, as I gasp for every breath, thankfully finding shelter underneath the chair I call my safe place.  Let the light in Mike! Give this gym life, let this gym breath! Let the world hear the techno music.  Try to make the neighbors mad at us, if accomplished then good news... this means we must be training well.  Lift weight shirtless only to feel the sun shine through the gym door.  Learn how to train, don't worry about technique right now, just train.  Don't worry about the program, just train.  Don't worry about your body, just train... just feel the morning sun and the kisses from your coffee. This is how you get strong... by training.

I think us weightlifters appreciate the sun more than anybody.  The bottom of the titanic can become overwhelmingly smokey, dark, and tiresome.  Shoveling coal can make our back hurt, our thoughts a little scattered, and our souls heavy.  Us weightlifters need sunlight to make maximum attempts.  Open that mother fucken door Mike, and let life punch us in the face!  Breath in the dust, pour the cold coffee over your face, shovel that coal into the fire to keep this machine of a gym we have built moving!  Let me walk around the gym with wide shoulders and broken hands.  The weak minded aren't welcome in the fortress of sun and dust, atmosphere is everything.  Let me wrap my knees while my fingernails bleed from the hook grip I have strangled them with.  Sun and coffee, coach and teammates, music and the bar.  All bad mother truckers who spend their day with brothers who fight for the same thing... gold.   Mike opened the door as if he was raising the MDUSA flag above the gym, while in slow motion, the sun crept up my body and over my motionless face.  The spit from my yell across the gym was falling slowly like a paper plane running out of speed.  My eyes opened from being shut so strong, and then it happened........Someone pushed play and.....well nothing really happened, coach told me to stop looking like a zombie and lift the bar.

New MDUSA Squat Video.  I can't feel my legs.  I'll see you this Wednesday 220kg.  

Thank you Crossfit Rapture for having us, and for hosting an awesome 26th Attitude Nation Certification Seminar!  AC UP WINDOWS DOWN! Watching everybody Slam Bars while coaching was hard, so I just had to slap the shoes on and throw some weight around! (videos below)

159kg snatch

182kg Clean and jerk

Strong Legs 2016

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