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Thursday, October 4, 2012


Here it is!  The Team MDUSA Practice meet!  Congrats on the whole Muscle Driver team on making hand fills of PR's, great totals, and for mike and chris making the B team baby!!!  Also, congrats to my Wife for smoking a brand new PR total!  I went 160kg snatch 192kg C&J   making a solid 352kg total. I can't wait until Americans to slam bars and make the PAN AM team.  Thank you to Coach Don McCauley for stepping in and helping us out while coach is away, you are the man and thank you again.  Thank you to Brad aka the boss man, to the loaders and the beautiful lades who filmed.  Attitude Nation Salute! 

The 16th Attitude Nation Certification Seminar was a blast! Thank you to the owners Ryan and Kyle for having me.  Thank you to everyone at Port crossfit, and congrats on all the PR's, great lifting, bar slamming, and coffee drinking!!  Thank you to Mike Graber for helping out and putting on a great show while we all watched you go for a big PR CJ!!! Port Crossfit please please keep me posted on all your future success in Weightlifting and crossfit.   O and I almost forgot The owner Ryan is a professional Actor and was just in a Lays national commercial with Eva Longoria.  He is the Hot Dog guy!  "what about the hot dogs?"  great hair, great acting.  (Video Below the picture)

And now the awesome commercial!! Congrats Ryan! 

MDUSA 2016

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