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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ten Toes Down

I have noticed that the clocks in the gym don't work. Absent like time in Casinos.  Empty like the shops late night at the airports.  Gone like my do overs.  Silent like the morning air.   Ten years and counting. Ten years of learning, lifting, seeing, feeling, falling, standing, conquering and failing. Ten tears of joy. Ten tears of sadness.  My ten toes have left the ground many times in my career, looking back while this timeless time stands still.  A new head on my shoulders, like new weightlifting shoes in the mail, giving me a new outlook on life, weightlifting and family.  As my ten toes dig deep into the cool soil below, the humble and thankful ground balances me like snow after summer, like coffee and water.  Soft but planted, connected and stable, eyes now open like Church Sunday.  Landed and found, for my roots of my past keep me at ground, as the future keeps me sound.  Time is the key to your symphony.  Time is the healer of hearts.  Time is what makes or breaks a person's success.  No matter how close or far, time is the one program that will make you better if you constantly self reflect throughout pursuing your goals.  If you fail continue to succeed. If you succeed you must prepare to fail.  In ten years when the clock stops and your left with thoughts, you will be proud for how hard you have fought.

Time 2020

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