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Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Lion Killer & The Documentary

The Lion killer is back.  Donny Shankle will be joining the Attitude Nation Gym in a few weeks in preparation for Rio 2016.  I am excited to reunite with my friend, my brother, and my team mate - Donny Shankle. 

Teddy Fox put together this bone chilling video that gives me goose bumps the size of Mt. Everest. Thank Teddy very much for producing this motivating and emotional montage of The legendary Shankle.  

It doesn't stop there with Teddy and his bad ass videos.  Teddy Fox directed and produced a short documentary film on strength.  I feel honored being in his film, and after talking with shankle on skype the other day, Shankle feels the same way.  So from both Shankle and I.......thank you again Teddy. 

Follow Teddyy Fox on twitter @number11  for some reason his name on twitter is Edward Fox.  He nededs to step his his marketing game.  lol.  

The lion Killer 2016


  1. Tell Donny we want his blog back. All of us. Unless he took it down because he's putting out his book, in which case, tell me where I need to send the cash.

  2. YES! Now you guys just gotta recruit old and new CalStrength and MDUSA haha. But seriously, this is awesome man.