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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Third Person

Just wiped a small piece of lint off my computer screen, where in most cases the lint would have never caught my eye, as I would have been to busy typing away or organizing my ADD thoughts into something that someone would actually find interesting or readable at that.  Its late, and I'm tired, and a hot shower sounds so nice.  A squint with the eyes to keep myself focused on my writing, and not down the hallway that meets the shower.  I imagine myself looking into the refrigerator, even though I know nothing exciting nor new will await me when I take that hopeful peek inside. Why so bland, why so familiar? Walking into the grocery store is like landing on a new planet for the first time, and every time you go back to that planet you want to explore new locations and routs, but instead you visit the same place at the same time while leaving with the same experience.  Next time I visit my local market, I am going down aisle 4 instead of aisle 9.  I will walk backwards instead of forward, while pulling the cart from the front rather than the back.  I will try a sample that looks alien, and next time I will stand in the corner of the store and watch what people buy, interact, move, talk, and shop. I want to watch what I look like from a third persons point of view, and get to the bottom of why I end up with the same foods every time I walk into a land of variety.  hmmm - Now I'm analyzing myself in the third persons role looking at others, thinking how others and myself would react to my third person self sitting in a corner watching me and the others shop.  Now I'm thinking about how I would never put that odd thought process in my blog, and how this tea might have something in it I'm not aware of.      

Is this what Shankle so passionately talks about.....the comfort zone.  Have I become a comfort zone person.  I will next time buy a gossip mag by the check out stand, and pay with a bag of change for my new cart of no comfort zone foods.  Miss you Shankle, you have no idea how much I miss you.  But knowing you are somewhere with your toes in the water and your shorts all hiked up with a smile on your face after a long hard day of training and coaching makes me more happy than you will ever know. Freedom my friend....happiness.  Let the sun of Australia hit your face with warmth and strength, while you privately crack a smile from the crazy times and memories we once shared.  Walk your path brother, and I will walk mine, and hopefully one day in the future our paths will meet again, just like that fall day we met at In and Out by Cal Strength.  On this day I asked, "how do I get strong Donny"?  "God damn it just got to get stronger" - Shankle.  OK.

Spinning my wedding ring while drinking tea with a white screen looking back at me. A blog must be written. Not because I have to, but because I want to.  Want is what keeps us training, want keeps us reading and writing, want is what makes a kid want to finish school to support his or her family. Want is freedom. Weightlifting is freedom.  No boss, no judgment, no lies, only hard nosed bar that will kick the cold hard truth down your throat, but then help you up once you fall. I must figure out these running thoughts before they run away.  I must grab them from the air and write them down to share. Grab this barbell and launch it in the air.  Now I am getting jacked up, and I can feel my heart hitting hard as I begin to go from sipping my tea to now slamming my tea.  Excited about tomorrow is an understatement. Are my thoughts a little all over the place?.... sure.  Why am I excited about tomorrow....I have not a clue.  I will go to bed after a long night of writing to you, then wake up with only a few that understand and get me, for I understand and get you.  How this is rhyming I swear I don't know, at times my thoughts just seem to come together this way, and at times not,  for I have no rhyme for the end of this sentence. Damn.

I have found that by being able to relate to people and them to you, has helped my training tremendously. Why is this?  In my head I go over this question over and over, and out loud answered "I don't know" after taking a tongue burning sip of miss brown eyes's cousin.  Maybe its because before this UN - spoken relationship you have with others, what you thought at the time was bad, or what you thought you were doing was wrong....was and is actually wright, and not bad, but actually good.  Confidence. period.  its encouraging knowing that your pain is theirs, your success bleeds out to them, and their work ethic represents you in a way that you could have never imagined without the strength of many. Many kilos with many mother fuckers training hard achieve many great things.

You sit across from my writing desk and ask me what I'm going to write tonight.  I respond to you that I have these random thoughts about refrigerators, walking backwards in my supermarket, Shankle and his hiked up shorts, freedom, and last but not least this idea about writing about writing what I'm thinking about writing, and then writing it.

Shit......this whole time I was writing.  Salute.

What am I going to write tonight 2016

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  1. i went food shopping today and bought the same damn shit... again. and i swear i had the same thoughts. so i bought a bottle of marinara sauce. no idea why or what the hell i am gonna do with it because i cant cook. but i bought it anyway. it felt amazing. and then i read this post today. so perfect.